Marcus Camby minus the Whores

I know the love for UMass football is (deservedly) low, but while you were asleep Vladimir Ducasse is the top O-Line prospect in the NFL draft. Why am I hearing no buzz on campus from this from this?

Its sad to report, but UMass alums in the pros are not as common as we would hope. Right now, we have (disgraced) Marcus Camby in the NBA and a corner back on the Jets, plus former Cardinal Marcell Shipp playing in the USFL. Plus, since this is technically a hockey blog, I think the Kings goalie is a Minuteman.

But come on! Top of his position? Posiible first rounder? This doesn’t happen at Umass! At least without the help of a fucking asscunt

A current Umasser will have a chance to make it in the pros, and I don’t care if he gets drafted by the Seahawks, I better see some of those putrid jerseys on campus.

Even if most of the student body couldn’t muster the energy to see him play, I want mass suport of Vlad. Its about time we had a high profile Minuteman. And while I looooooooove farm science, it would be something on the front page of that would legitimately excite me.



  1. bittym87

    That is a large man.

    Also, I have to disagree about attendance; even though we all know tailgating plays a major role in it, people DO go to UMass games, and the late-afternoon starts seem to be helping matters (ironically, since the team was WAY better when I first got here and there were no lights at McGuirk). But yeah, we need to start filling both sides of the stadium before we start talking about building a bigger one.

    ‘Course, unlike most of the rest of Hockey East, at least we HAVE a D1 football team. For now.

  2. Matt

    People do go, if by “going” we mean the first quarter to be seen them leaving to get drunk in southwest.

    I met Walsh at a 95% empty season opener, albeit against Albany. But homcoming weekend againt the #4 ranked rival NH, student section was 3/4 empty by the end of the 1st.

    I plan on writing something on the current problems and solutions for Umass football, but that, my friend, is in the future

  3. Matt

    Football attendance is, unlike basketball or hockey, linked directly with program prestige and stadium experience as it is with product on the field. Look at UCONN, they had identicle attendance before thier new stadium and division switch. Now? They sell out and people care

    also, thanks for reading my friend

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