This Week In Vast Overreaction: Ballad Of A Thin Man

“and if your pissed off ’cause you think that I dissed you I rape your moms and we can make this a personal issue”

I’ll admit it, if I wrote this post yesterday, when I first heard about our sister school’s hockey blog post attacking the founder of Fight Mass, I would have been far more knee jerk and, frankly, profane. When I read their extremely wordy half attack half rebuttal post, I first off wanted to tell them to go fuck themselves (sorry for the dirty language RHHB, sad a blog that can shit talk everyone can’t deal with a dirty word) and secondly I wanted to call them out on half-assed swipe at our fine school (I’m fairly sure we are far ahead ULowell academically, for someone who wishes to reference Debate 101 obviously didn’t take logic. Obviously a school with double the student population would be funded more. Anything different would be socialist, and I would hate to label such a “pork barrel spending” hater like you as socialist).

However, the more I thought about it, the sadder and more indicative it is of their psyche. An insecure, bitter old guy who writes about sports involving underage youth takes a lighthearted swipe by a college writer on a week old blog as an attack on him. Typical reaction from a blogger who is out of touch from the fan base he supposedly represents. The UmassLowell fans I know (and I do know alot, given I’m from Medford) are able to take a joke, give a joke back and not revert to entirely condescending tones. As Max said in a previous post, RHHB is not the embodiment of true ULowell fans, he is only a voice for the post-graduate fans who take everything a bit too seriously. When Max and I graduate, which won’t be long away, he is a senior, we will continue to be fans. However, with a step into maturity, there would be a step back from grade school tactics on a hockey blog (thankfully I have 2 years to do this).

I’m not saying Max’s opinions were about retort. However RHHB’s response  exceeded  far a reasonable response, quickly turning into an attack post. While I will say that a good amount of space was given to the rebuttal of hockey related issues (issues that I feel Max or Derek or far more qualified to respond to) much of the post was a full on attack of Max’s unimaginative name for the blog (this coming from the uniquely generic “Ice is Life”  blog, hey assholes at least our name refers to the team) Bands he likes (sadly Pitchfork ain’t hiring guys) and even name.

By the end of his post, he comes to the conclusion that Max’s comments on Lowell hockey were some veiled attempt at getting their blog to mention him (this coming from someone who called Max’s name pompous). The evidence? The fact that Max gave props to them as an influence for the blog. Yup, that was the evidence. He then proceeds to refer to Max as Baby Max (of course, a 22 year old is a baby when college life is only a distant memory) At the end he refuses to link or further discuss our blog (which didn’t stop him from trolling and leaving an asshole comment on our banner announcement)

The saddest part of this is that RHHB is so self interested and delusional that he couldn’t see the mutual aspects of both blogs. Rather than respecting the fact that Max obviously enjoys the writing of his site and rebut the point in a cool way, he became “blow things out of proportion guy” and decided to launch a personal attack on Max. At the end of the day, both Max and old man RHHB both are die hard fans of the niche sport of college hockey. School pride is what makes the sport great and its sad that one bad apple had to start lobbing grenades. At the end of the day, both Max and RHHB are writing for free on non revenue gathering sites, neither matters in the long run, its all for fun.

PS, RHBB’s mother is a cunt


-Matthew John Crispin Civello

(full disclosure, i’ve been talking shit to him on my twitter page)

(lastly, I know “Ice is Life” is a Keruoac reference, its still fucking dumb. Fight Mass is obvious and clear, Ice is Life sounds like something you would put on a generic sweatshirt for a 6 year old. Also, kinda funny you claim the guy who wrote on the road, its like having Born to Run be your anthem. Congrats, you are the New Jersey of Massachusetts.


  1. bittym87

    Couple things.
    1) Still haven’t read it. Holding out for the 15th. I’ve been tempted a few times but it’s gonna be so much more fun this way.
    2) Again, thanks guys for the free publicity. Protip: People can Google our blog whether you link to it or not. Matt here chose to cut out the middle man, but be assured that we have returned the favor by bringing TIIL to the attention of some of the UMass fandom. The reviews of your thesis are in, by the way (these are actual quotes from UMass students):
    “Wow, that guy realizes he’s from LOWELL, right?”
    “I got halfway through and got bored. One can only take so much crybabying.”
    “That’s one sad, angry man.”
    3) But just for the record, and this is important, my hate for Lowell started before I discovered TIIL. I know I said the Lowell fans that I know are good people, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t goon Lowell students posting smack talk on Facebook (the final straw for me, frankly, was the Lowell kid talking shit on a UMass vs. BC event page). I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that yes, TIIL’s constant whining about disrespect didn’t contribute to my rant. But insinuating that I wanted to get mentioned on your blog? I didn’t even think anyone from Lowell would ever see it (and trust me, I’m more amused than honored that you and your undoubtedly VAST readership were following our page, especially since we took down our link to TIIL quite some time ago). My intent certainly wasn’t to spark a rivalry between us and TIIL. I simply wanted my UMass student readership to understand that the schools they all love to hate – BU, BC, etc. – aren’t the only ones who ridicule us. I wasn’t baiting Lowell fans. I was baiting my fellow UMass fans.
    4) Matt, I owe you a drink in Boston after the Northeastern game. That was beautiful.

    Now, until the 15th, let’s stick strictly to HOCKEY discussion.


  2. blindspots88

    well the reviews are in

    @Blindspots as editors we’re aghast at your new post. it’s loutish and rife with spelling and grammatical errors befitting third graders.

    according to my dictionary, they were “filled with horror or shock” because of my post. Pretty standard reaction for Lowell fans

    • bittym87

      It probably looks that way, doesn’t it? This whole thing’s basically a running joke to us at this point; hence my efforts yesterday to move the discussion forward, back to, you know, hockey.

      I’ll have something to say about this whole thing again in a couple weeks after the Lowell series (regardless of the outcome), but I think our future shit-talking will be focused on the more traditional targets: namely, BC and Maine, two teams which I actually really do hate.

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