Our Sing Along Songs Will Be Their Scripture

Sunday was not a very good day. So far gone from the throughly enjoyable saturday night 3-1 win, with Casey netting 2 goals and an assist (is it possible to make the Top 10 for the Hobey Baker without making the initial list?) that its hard to be at all optimistic about this team. Max is right, we do need to stay positive (wooOOOOooah) but its hard after attending a 3 O’clock game with a so-so student section and a team that showed nothing.

Saturday was a good night for fight mass, we partied hard, dabbled on playa hatin’, and throughly enjoyed the first hockey game of the young semester. Sunday we, both the student fans and student athletes, were far too tired. Yes, we came out strong chanting loud and often. However, when we all realized that the game would be dominated by incompetent refs and snowcone ice things degraded into something that turned we into an old grumpy fan.

Yes, rant coming

First, the student section was half empty. Whatever, I get it, you are Umass students on a sunday morning and don’t care. Fine, but don’t act like you give a shit when we play BC. I get it, every team is comprised of more fair-weather fans than those who would call themselves die hard. But as “die hards” do we have to sit idle when the student population decided to not show up for an important televised conference game against a frozen four team because it was at 3??? Its not a noon football game assholes, it was the early evening, show up.

And those who did show up were mesmerized by 2 groups of southwest skanks who, in their attempt for 5 seconds of TV time on ESPN’s college network (that was competing with NFL playoffs) decided to show up with their bellies painted to spell “Zoomass”. Uck. I know I sound like some puritan asshole but they have never showed up to a game. Ladies, if you want to get on TV so bad, go blow Gary Tanguay, just GTFO of the Mullins. You make the real fans look bad. (Oh and guys who are so depraved of pussy that you hare kissing their asses, you are no better. Go to southwest if you want to get laid, not a hockey game)

By the 3rd the Mullins sounded like a church. Not that the hockey team gave us a reason to give a shit. We were down by 1 and 2 for the majority of the game, and we did have chances. However never, at any point past the 1st, did I think we were pulling this game off. I know its a cop out to say “we just didn’t have it” but guess what, we just didn’t have it.

By the end, with 30 seconds left, I heard a student say “come on score, I just want to do the chant”. Well sir, we didn’t deserve to do the chant, and if they scored and we chanted we would have looked bad, and I for one would have felt bad. This season isn’t over and I’m not pessimistic for the rest of the year, I just want to forget this weekend.


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  1. bittym87

    I ❤ you for continuing the THS theme, and for confirming that I'm not the only one who thought of "Southwest girls" when I heard "Southtown Girls" for the first time.

    There are a couple of good excuses for the lousy turnout, though; namely, the Jets-Colts game, the early start, the homework people were putting off until the next day, and, oh yeah, the game was televised. Honestly, from my vantage point in the media booth, the turnout wasn't THAT bad for a day game (and let the records show that I am not a fan of day games, even though previous such games at the Bill have included a spectacular blowout of UConn a few years ago).

    I'd actually like to tip my hat to the crowd that DID show up on Saturday night. Yes, it was the first true home game of the semester, but we're talking a non-free-giveaway game, against a team that isn't from "Boston" or UNH or Maine, and the student section was at capacity, even extending to that little pocket of fans up in L. When we went down on the ice to clean up Chuck-A-Puck (and Casey scored the game-winning goal) you could really get a good view of it. It was beautiful.

    Regardless, attendance won't be a problem from here on out, since our last three games are BC on NESN (which might break the attendance record), Northeastern (Boston teams always get good crowds) and Merrimack, which is senior night and also on NESN. Oh, and let's hope there's a couple more to follow that 🙂

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