Are you ready for some football!

Ok fans lets talk about football for a minute here. And by football, I mean football scores in Hockey.

UMass now has 4 games (and rather recent ones) where teams have scored 6 or 7 goals on us.  The touchdown is one thing, but the extra point is the icing on the cake.  We thankfully haven’t had any two point conversions, which is good becasue 8 goals against in a single game would be a lot to swallow.

I would love to say that Dainton had a bad game, but he didn’t have anything to do with the three goals after he was pulled.

So after the first frame, UMass trailed 4-0.  I have to ask the fans: WHY DID YOU LEAVE? So many fans left after the first. If you were there for a UMass blowout, you came to the wrong game, come to Niagra next time.  This is BC. We tried to make it clear that it was the closest matchup of the season. If you were there just for T-Shirts, then please don’t bother coming next time.

The fact that so many different people were trying to get involved in the cheering and yet the crowd as a whole remained silent says a lot about our fans.  Are we only fair weather fans? I would like to point out that some of the most fun games of this season haven’t been against BC or BU, but Merrimack, Providence, and more importantly away games.

What our team needed tonight was support.  They are trying to accelerate themselves into the Hockey East Playoffs (which, by the way, if we win, guarantees us a spot in the NCAA tournament).  We also had number 7 in the Pairwise going into that game, which would have given us a number 2 seed for the NCAA playoffs.

Now we are looking at 14 in the pairwise and third place in Hockey East. We need to rally back as an organization and look onto the next games. We have a home and home against Northeastern next weekend.  The last game against northeastern, we won 4-1 and held them to their season low shots on goal.  Then we take on Merrimack. Merrimack hasn’t had the best season so far and we were able to play well against them in the Mullins before winter break.

So we need fan support, come out to these games even if there aren’t T-shirts, cheer loud and let’s try to get UMass some national coverage as a hockey school.

~Ben (Flag Guy)

Also, having sat through 3/4 of the games with 6+ goals against, the wins afterward are so much better. I’m just saying.


  1. Abe

    Unfortunately, I think you’re preaching to the choir here. Most of the 3200 student “fans” at the game probably didn’t really give a shit about the outcome, aside from us diehards. Frankly, with the appalling lack of effort put forth by UMass tonight, I can’t blame people for leaving early. With that said, we still are in a good position with Northeastern and Merrimack the next two weekends, and maybe we can salvage a game in the BC season series yet.

    If not… there’s always basketball… oh wait.

  2. Joe

    Hey, as one of the BC fans who was at the game last night, I want to give my respect to you and the rest of the folks who stuck around till the end. I know it’s not your fault that some of the other fans are idiots who only show up when it’s “cool” – the same thing happens at BC too, for games against BU and Notre Dame.

    Best of luck the rest of the way.

    • bittym87

      Now THAT is class. We love to hate on BC, much as you guys do with BU, Notre Dame, UNC, etc., but as much as it pains me to admit it, there’s plenty of classy BC fans out there (I would hope so, my own mother’s one of them) and, though all of the teams I’ve grown up rooting for (ND football, BU hockey, UMass everything) have ingrained my anti-BC feelings into me, you have to respect a school for bringing a visiting student section of easily 100+ students. More thoughts on this in the post I’m about to write. A begrudging good luck to you too, sir, and we’ll see you guys in a couple weeks at Conte. 😛


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