Break In Case Of Optimism

Well here we are folks, after a long week of fat joke fueled anticipation, we are less than 9 hours from BC v Umass (no moniker needed) two point zero. Last game, the atmosphere was far beyond the play on the ice, but hopefully the break has given time to catch up.

Our elusive blogging friend over at the tri-corner blog reported yesterday that there were less than 300 tickets left, and that was yesterday. Needless to say the Bill will be packed and any students reading this, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are smart enough to know you best show early for BC/Umass hockey. Puck drops at 7:30, but doors are at 6, and you better show up around the latter to get in.

Hockey wise, I don’t have an special insight regarding tonight’s game. I will let Derek’s preview stand, but with that being said, the context for this game is equally important as the (assholes) we will be facing on the ice.

The last time we played BC, the excitement was immense. Cooling down after our especially hot start, Umass played a sloppy game that was hard to be proud of. However the 3-1 score lied. It was a sloppy game all around, and I never felt like we were out of it (until, of course, the 3rd goal, which happened late).  If Umass can come out tonight and get something that resembles offensive rhythm, we have the advantage.

That being said, we need this game. The first was an embarrassment, no doubt, but its one thing to have a loss in early December to a big rival, but doing it in February, during the stretch run, would be deadly. Now I don’t want to be hysterical, because this game by no means will be a cake walk, and there is a definite possibility that we will not win tonight. I can see us making the NCAA’s after losing tonight, but it will be alot harder. We are too far in this season to give up hope yet, and we shouldn’t, this team has something. Only now that something needs to come out.


Basketball’s Wednesday night loss to Xavier hurt, but it was worth it, it was good to feel again. Since the Davidson loss, I went into every game (sans Fordham) fulling expecting us to be beaten in an embarrassing way. This isn’t me being 99% of the student body and not caring about the team, it was realism. I came to the school a basketball fan, and while hockey has been my new obsession, I still love basketball and this team with all my heart. Its just them have shown very little up till Wednesday.

Then the Xavier game happened. Yes, we lost, but that team showed that something that is important in sports. But beyond the bullshit vague hyperbole this post has consisted of, I noticed a few things.

  • Rickey Harris has the pit bull fire. After getting cleanly blocked on a breakaway layup, Rickey proceeded to take initiative and both score when they gave him the chance (no bad 3’s!!!!) as well as run the offense.
  • Speaking of the offense, when we were trading buckets we were doing it on the inside! No more bullshit Riley  3’s (well almost) it was an actual dribble drive with this team finally making use of their length and getting easy layups and hooks. Speaking of the hook shot, if I ever see Terrell Vinson hanging out on the perimeter, I’m going to shoot at his feet. This kid needs to be inside at all times. His hook shot is deadly and he has legitimate post moves. The knock on him out of hight school was he fell in love with 3’s. DK, don’t let that happen, TV is amazing.
  • Every review I’ve seen has been praising Big City, and this still angers me. Guys, he had six fucking points, all of them rebounds that dropped in his lap. Ok, maybe I should change my prior “no skills” statement. His skills are “I’m Fat” and “If a ball drops in my hand under the basket I can go up with power and draw the foul and make the shot”. Sorry Big City, too limited. I can see you, you are not invisible. You botch easy rebounds (then fall down so idiots can call it a hustle play), you are 4 steps slower than every Big in College sports, you are passive on both sides of the ball and you, in summary, are still Big Shitty. People who egg you on annoy me.
  • This team makes the best “that was a terrible call” faces of any team I’ve ever seen. TV’s and Ricky’s are so distinctive and great that they overshadow Sean Carter’s, which in itself is amazing.

Lets hope that Saturday they can play up to another A10 power. I just want to see something, otherwise it would be a long ride home

Go UMass


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