The times, they are a-changin’…

…and also the blog. Or at least, it will be. You’ve noticed the new tabs at the top perhaps; the new Writers section is under construction and About has been separated into Encyclopedia UMass-ica, which will hopefully have some actual content by the end of the week. I mean, we do have lives outside of this website, kinda.

Also forthcoming, a new logo and a new layout which will theoretically be more UMass-themed (read: maroon and white) and more space-efficient (read: columns will be on both sides instead of just the left). All of these fancy new things, whenever I feel like getting around to it. Look forward to it, damnit!

Also, we’ve continued having 100-plus views every day since the BC event page was posted last week. We really appreciate your patronage and we hope you guys continue to check in daily and SPREAD THE WORD. You can also follow us on Twitter: Fight_Mass. I swear we’re gonna get around to putting up flyers before hockey season ends…I think.

So, uhh, is it Friday yet?


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