Important Updates to Hockey East Play

First, if you haven’t read mark anderson’s post, see below for a complete analysis on what the playoff situation is going up to game one of the Merrimack Game.

Some recent updates of changed hockey east since this post.

First, Vermont (the maple loving hippies) have dismissed one of their better players Milo (I know, I know, we were all hoping for stacey, but think of it this way: we can still sing to stacey). Milo who had 26 points last season and helped drive Vermont to the quarterfinals. The coaching staff thinks that it will be better for the team if he were not there. See the full article here:,18136/VermontDismissesMilo.html

Even better than Vermont giving Milo the boot, is the Update to Boston University’s Corey Trivino. Trivino has played in all 28 BU games thus far, and is a sophomore with 15 points. During last weekend’s 5-2 win against Maine, Trivino was injured. He will be out for the rest of the season according to the USCHO article.

What does this mean for UMass? We are currently tied with BU for fourth place, and BU owns the tie breaker. We need BU to either get into third place, or drop down to fifth since UMass does not fair well in the Agganis Arena. BU faces Providence this weekend for a home-and-home series. PC has already beaten BU once this season at home.

Vermont is hanging onto 8th place with 19 points, two points above Merrimack. MC has seen the light at the end of the tunnel that is making the playoffs. They need a mere 2 points (since they own the tie-breaker with VT) to make the final seed of the playoffs.

UMass and MC play a home-and-home this weekend, starting in North Andover, and finishing with senior night at the Mullins Center. We can be sure that with Merrimack on a roll, and with a solid hope at a playoff run, that they will be fighting hard for a win.

But don’t count UMass out. The offense came back during game two of the Northeastern series. Yes, they did score 6 goals on us, so defense is still not all there, but most of that had to do with a ton of penalties. UMass was constantly on the penalty kill, and were tired. Despite that, Ortiz had a Shorthanded goal from Wellman in the third, as well as a goal from Michael Marcou and a goal from Danny Hobbs.

UMass has lost 3 in a row, and 5 of their last 6. They almost ousted themselves from the NCAA playoffs, and are clinging onto hope for a home playoff spot. Their fate is no longer 100% in their hands, but loosing is not an option anymore. It was do or die last weekend with northeastern, and UMass should now be in full crisis mode. 10 points are up for grabs, and boy do we need them.

I will be in attendance at the Lawler arena where Merrimack seems to play extremely well being 10-2-0. UMass has defeated Merrimack 4-1 earlier in the season. For updates on the game, please follow UMass Hockey on Facebook where I will try to post the UMass goals and score updates.

Keep the faith. Come to Saturday’s game and help thank the seniors for their dedication to the team and our school, and sign up for the bus trip to Boston College: 20$ (more details on the facebook page).

~Ben (Flag Guy)

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