1. massattack

    Glad you brought up Miracle. Was nice to know BC considered us as good as the 1980 Russian olympic team lol! Typical BC.

  2. Jeff

    Maybe the reason there was no student section was because we were on spring break, maybe not though, you would probably know best… And our spring break crowd still had more students than the end of your “Operation 8,000” game where we won 7-1 if i remember correctly… And I couldn’t really hear your pep band when I was there… how are they? You should probably think before you write, but then again, you go to UMass.

    • bittym87

      Yeah, we don’t keep track of when other schools’ breaks are, surely an oversight on Ben’s part, but BC’s got a reputation for having a weak student section at home. I’m sure (or at least for your fan base’s sake, I hope) it’ll be a different story this weekend.

      The issues with the pep band are mystifying (we’d love to have one, some sort of issue with the band director we believe). They’re fantastic, by the way.

      All of us here stayed for that entire debacle of a game (where your own head coach noted that BC literally caught every conceivable break they could have caught – not to defend UMass’s performance on that given night). We’re equally incensed when people leave early, although given the score and the fact that (like everyone who left early) we have social lives, staying was a pretty difficult choice.

      And hurrr, nice last line, haven’t heard that a thousand times. Can’t speak for Ben or the others, but like a lot of people I know here, I did think twice about going to BC (or any of the other “better than UMass” schools I could’ve gone to) and chose not to put myself in loads of debt for a brand-name undergraduate experience, and now that we’re in an economic recession, it was probably the right choice. But to each his own. See y’all Superfrauds Friday.

  3. Jeff

    Well I’ll go ahead and respond to Max since nothing will come of responding to blindspot…

    Youre right that I shouldn’t have brought up any sort of academics. The fact is that only the top 1% of the people in the world go to and complete a four year degree, so while i disagree with your assessment of my BC education, i’ll take back my jab at UMass.

    I wasn’t expecting you to know our spring break schedule. I have no idea when yours is, but it should have been relatively obvious when there were only about 50 students in no particular section… Even on our bad days we fill both of the sides of our student section. So while you might not know our spring break schedule, you should at least recognize that even our historically lackluster student section gets more than 50 students to a game. We even have more than that when we play UML… And its one thing when a school like BU or NU makes fun of our student section because they have good sections, but from everything I’ve heard, with the exception of BC games and some BU games, UMass students aren’t exactly known for their diehard status… Once again, I’m not talking down because while our student section has been improving its not top notch, but I expect you to do the same and not talk down to our section when yours is no better and arguably worse…

    Either way, it should be a great series. While I was also at the 7-1 drubbing, I was also at the OT game. You guys looked like a totally different team. I would much rather be playing Merrimack even though they beat us once this year. But well done Max, you made me look like the asshole by taking the high road. Blindspot, in response to you saying you have the best fans in hockey east. respectfully disagree. Im obviously biased towards BC, so I’ll leave us out, but BU, NU, UNH, and Maine definitely have better fans, though I’ll give you credit that you beat Providence and UML.. Enjoy your week, we’ll see you at Conte.

    • heavydrexler

      I’m afraid I have to take exception to your assessment of our student section. UMass Hockey attendance this season is third in Hockey East, behind only UNH and BU. While BC sits a mere 16 people behind in terms of average attendance, I’m sure you are willing to admit that a team that plays just outside a major urban center such as Boston certainly draws many more non-students than a team that plays in middle-of-nowhere Amherst. (I wish there were student attendance numbers online, but I have yet to find any.) The sure math would have to conclude that UMass has a larger student section than BC on any given night. I might add, as well, that I was at the home game against UMass Lowell over the break and there were well more students there than there were at the Conte on the evening of February 26th. If you want to call us out on hockey knowledge amongst our students, you may have a point, there are some in our student section who don’t know the first thing about hockey. Although I would suspect that the same is true of your student section and every student section across the nation. Two things, however, are for sure. You shouldn’t question whether UMass Hockey fans are diehards. And you shouldn’t ever say our student section could even arguably be worse than yours, based on attendance alone.

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