Hockey East Quarterfinals Game One

Well, no, we didn’t win. But we did put the Eagles on their toes. UMass is now do-or-die. If they loose tonight, they are out of the hockey east playoffs, and they loose any small hope to getting an NCAA bid.

Lets look at where they stand right now:

In the series with BC UMass is trailing 1-0 out of 3 games. In the pairwise, UMass is ranked 17. The pairwise determines the 16 teams that make the playoffs. So you have to figure that to be a consideration you have to be at least top 16. Well after Niagara had a huge upset last night against Bemidji State, We now know that there is one less spot available to us Since the winner of the Niagara-Alabama Huntsville game will get an automatic bid.

So where does this leave UMass? We need to win tonight, and then depending on the other scores around, we will probably have to win tomorrow night as well.

UMass seemed to be outplayed in every aspect of the game early on. BC was dominating the scoreboard, and UMass was never leading the game. Going into the locker room after two periods, UMass trailed 6-3. I want to know what was said in the locker room because out of nowhere, UMass scores not one, but two goals in the first minute of the third period to bring it to a 6-5 hockey game. We had a game.

The excitement continued throughout the rest of the third. UMass held BC to 6 goals, but had trouble finding one more. Dainton was pulled with 1:27 left, giving UMass a 6-5 skating advantage, but we just couldn’t keep the puck. BC had a breakaway, No UMass players, no goalie, just him a puck and a net, but he couldn’t catch up to the puck, resulting in an awkward angle shot that missed. UMass had one last drive.

At the buzzer, Martin Nolet fires a shot from the blue line into traffic, and BC goalie Milner (who played extremely well) covered it up to end the game.

So, yes we lost. And yes, it would have been great to have won, but what we need is to carry that momentum of the third period into this game. We need to stay out of the penalty box (BC was 3/4 on the PP and another goal came seconds after one of the power plays ended).

This could be the last game of the season tonight, so it is time to bring it all onto the ice. There is no point to playing half-ass, there is no tomorrow if we loose. It’s now. BC now sees the pressure that we can put. Their normal starting goalie, Muse, is recovering from an injury and the coaches did not think he was 100% yesterday. We need to breakdown Parker Milner, score early, and have BC trailing for once.

Side note to any BC fans reading this post: Thank you so much for your tax dollars. paying $15,000 to go to school is really nice. And a lot of us pay even less than that. If you cheer “state school” at us, we do not take that as an insult. We are proud of our school. We know the odds are stacked way against us, but we still come out cheering for our team, after all, this could be the last time our seniors ever put on a University of Massachusetts uniform.

side note 2: Yesterday was my birthday. UMass did not win. UMass: now you owe me two. Let’s start with tonight.

Ben (flag guy).

Oh and if anyone was wondering why the flag was not waving from the student section but being held instead: BC won’t let me in with the flag pole because I obstruct views. Just so everyone knows.


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