well that didn’t take long.

Looks like it’s official, according to the local Minnesota beat writer: Wellman to Minnesota is almost definitely a done deal. Honestly, I think they’re overpaying for such a raw prospect, but if you’re Casey Wellman and someone’s handing you $2 mil, you gotta do it. Like I said earlier today, this is probably for the best for UMass, considering how much of a distraction it was having the scouts around, and now that playing time can go to guys who have a lot motivation to prove themselves. Still, a small part of me was holding out hope that Casey would both a) return next year and b) have the experience to know how to block out the mental distractions. No such luck.

Thanks for everything, Casey, and make UMass proud in the NHL. How much of his success came from playing alongside the best passer/play creator UMass has ever seen? We’ll never know, but it was a fun ride either way. I certainly won’t soon forget that game-tying buzzer-beater against UNH, which set up another departed Minuteman, Boehm, for the game-winner. And for all the hubbub about him being arrogant and not caring, his final gesture – a raise of the stick to salute those of us who made Conte Forum our home-away-from-home this past weekend – was nothing if not classy. I have no ill will toward the guy.

Now we cross our fingers on Marcou.


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