oh. well that’s just great.

So, uhh, yeah.  Wow. Just, wow. Let’s see if I can get through this without strangling myself.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette today is reporting that, because of sagging economic conditions and budget shortfalls, our state schools, the UMass system is cutting its inferior program. Sounds great, right? We’re the flagship, we should have one team to represent the system, and it makes no sense for Lowell to be sapping the talent pool. They survived this song-and-dance a few years ago, but after perhaps their most hyped season in history ended without a tournament appearance, and with the future looking grim with everyone leaving, it only makes sense that…

…wait. What’s that you say?

They’re dropping us and keeping Lowell?!!!!!!!

It’s true, kids. The administration has decided that the program in Amherst is not profitable enough, that interest waned at the end of the season, and Lowell’s facilities are superior and more deserving of keeping in this budget crunch. All of this coming after so much excitement over Cahoon’s continued success in recruiting, after the pride of seeing Jimmy and Casey on their way to the NHL.

I’m obviously at a loss for words right now. I’ll have more thoughts later on this week. In the meantime, here’s the article on the Gazette so you can read all the gruesome details.



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