Oh spring at UMass, so beautiful, yet not the most exciting on the sports front. Yes, baseball, softball and lacrosse are in full effect, but we at fight mass merely enjoy these fine sports instead of  obsessing over them as die hards.

We are all waiting for october to come, and when it does be will pull our jerseys out of the closet and sink once again into the life or death atmosphere of college hockey. But until then consider this blog in hibernation, enjoying the beauty of New England summers and Red Sox baseball, anxiously waiting for yet another season of hockey and basketball. If we do, for one reason or another do decide to post something, we will post it on our twitter page.

The blog is still very much alive, just sleeping. We recommend you sleep too. Play some pickup basketball, drink outside, wear minimal clothing (I’m looking at you ladies) and we will see you all in October.


(PS, if you want constant off season updates on UMass hockey, we highly recommend following our friend’s at Fear The Triangle, they are all over the occasionally mundane aspects of recruiting and other off season activities.)


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