And I Plan To Be Forgotten When I’m Gone

What can be said about last night’s 4-3 loss to Maine that hasn’t already been said. Not playing all 60 minutes of hockey. Strong finish but too little too late. Its encouraging to see this team only lose by one against a much more talented team. Yawn. Seriously, who is surprised? I’ve come to the point where I honestly don’t care if UMass makes the playoffs. Yes, it would be nice to give these boys an extra few games, but honestly, I’m poor as all hell and frankly I could do without paying $50 to see us lose to a better prepared, recruited and executing team. This team can be good next year, not great yet, but they could certainly catapult Northeastern and be in the 4-6 range of Hockey east. It has alot to do with how this team will progress in the summer, and how strong the leadership will be on next year’s team.

But that doesn’t really mean alot about this year now does it? Tonight, we could win by 2. Or we could lose 6-0. Or we could lose by 1 again. Frankly at this point any result is conceivable. I would like to think that one of these one loss efforts will turn into a win or tie, but just as likely it will turn into a loss by far more than one goal.

The most notable thing that hasn’t been discussed this year is the lack of the Cahoon swoon. I’m not saying that alot of these games haven’t been disappointments, but the bad losses for this team were mostly early. Army comes to mind, but in general there were alot of 3 goal losses in the first half of the season. However, since February 5 (the weekend that shall not be named) this team is shown great improvement. While not perfect, UMass hasn’t had many abortion performances, and has yet to be outplayed significantly. It may have been expected with a young team, but its good to see a UMass team get better as winter turns to spring. If they can do this in a year where the majority of the team is sophomores or juniors, this will be a team to be reckoned with.

And honestly, I’ll be happy to see those teams outside of the student section. For some reason, Hockey isn’t as fun anymore. It isn’t the results, as alot of the games this year have been entertaining as all hell. It’s just the disconnect from the willfully ignorant fucks who show up in the student section. And I really hate to go down minuteman nation territory, and its not becasue they are drunk and obnoxious, hell I’m pretty fucking drunk during these games too. Its more how fucking ignorant these kids are. You don’t chant bullshit at an obvious offsides, its fucking dumb. You don’t get outraged at matching penalties when it was obviously started by your side (you can yell, just don’t be dumb).  Stop yelling fuck em up fuck em up go UMass in non post goal context, its fucking stupid. And last, but not least, stop chanting for Teglia you fucking idiots. After the second goal last night, a large group in section T decided to start chanting for teglia. Now, please let me point out to you that after the second goal Dainton had faced 32 (I think, it was definitely 30+) shots. a .9375 save percentage, a percentage that is BETTER THAN ANY GOALIE IN HOCKEY EAST. Seriously, learn Hockey and stop being so fucking dumb. I don’t like you, I don’t respect you and frankly I wish you would stop existing. Don’t get me wrong, we here at Fight Mass are some of the most critical assholes in the Bill, but at least we use facts and logic AND WATCH HOCKEY. Its the Fox News effect. The dumbest assholes are the loudest and get their voice heard. I can’t wait to leave this place. I hate every single one of you. Max has been promising to write something about the student section for a while, and I hope he still does, but I will say this briefly. I look forward to seeing the student section fall apart next year. There is already minimal leadership, and given the section’s hockey knowledge hovers around 5%, its going to be hilarious when the base of seniors who know what the fuck they are talking about leave and there’s just silence and occasional “fuck [insert school name]” chants. Max still holds out hope that this blog is going to continue when we all graduate because there will be a next generation to write brash, smart hockey posts. Well I don’t fucking see it. I have yet to see an underclassmen bring ANYTHING to the table in terms of knowledge, humor or passion. Its all drunk, douchebag sheep.

You offended by this, person who goes to games and knows what he’s talking about, please prove me wrong. Step the fuck up tonight. Bring something funny, original, keep the assholes in line and call them out. Because honestly, as I see it now, the UMass student section is Newark NJ. Every once in a while somebody comes and improves things for a while, but then they leave and it goes back to being Newark. UMass student sections are Newark New Jersey. I hope you’re satisfied.

Also, if there is a Teglia chant on senior night, I’m breaking somebody’s nose. I’m not fucking bluffing. I’m not even going to dignify the Tegs V Dainton debate with a pros and cons list. Its senior night, he is a UMass legend like it or not due to his sheer longevity. Have some class and don’t be an asshole. Seriously.


(Once again, written at work so please excuse all inevitable spelling and punctuation errors)

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