some guys they get a little bit uptight

When I asked for a home playoff game, this isn’t really what I was going for…

I mean, its not too say I dislike basketball, but I would have preferred hockey. I’m not pissed about the when, but a weekend at 7pm would have been fun. Its not that I’m unhappy with the seeding, but I would have liked to be better than tied for the last home spot. Its not that I think this team doesn’t have a chance, but I’m not too happy we are comming off a losing streak including a loss to a team that hasn’t won a conference  game since I was at Bunker Hill Community College (yup, January 28 2009). But guess what, fuck it, I’ll take it!

There’s really no point in writing a preview of this game. If this team has proven anything this year, the only thing consistent is inconsistency. Some games they come out and out run, out pass and out shoot their opponents, some games they run the dribble dribble dribble dribble (30 seconds later….) dribble SHOOT AS THE SHOT CLOCK IS EXPIRING offense (herein referred to as Baskettaball). Some times the shots are falling, sometimes the shots are not (BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN WE WILL MAKE ANY ADJUSTMENTS TO THE OFFENSE) and sometimes, on very special occasions, elbows are thrown to opposing players necks. The only people who have any idea how this game will go is the players wearing Maroon and White tonight, and frankly, they probably won’t know until 9:15.

Its a winnable game, for sure, but Its also an immensely loseable game as well. This team, more than anything, has a fetish for playing down to the level of their opponents. Fordham (lol) Maine (lolol) Central Connecticut (by 29!(lolololololololololololol) are all examples of it. And even though this team beat Dayton in the Bill in early January by 5 to open the conference schedule, its been hard times lately. This team has lost nearly all of the good will the 7-0 start to the season and 5-2  start to conference play got this team. There is no vote of confidence, and there is little optimism (outside of the mindless brainwashed board police/student hype-men/JV bloggers) that this team will do much of anything tonight. But I think this team can win tonight. I think this team will win tonight (but I have zero confidence in that statement).

Only tonight will tell. And sadly, I think we will know the answer by halftime.

On to some random thoughts

  • So I’ve been to quite alot of basketball games this year, but given Max’s graduation and Derek’s vehement opposition to the idea of Baskettaball, I sit alone. I am sending an open offer to the student section, come find me and bring me down to the student section and I will lend my golden pipes and wit to the miltia tonight. I like the idea of this being a bad action movie. Coming back for one last mission. Also: free whiskey is appreciated.
  • Gurley is 3rd team A10. First off, I can’t really disagree, given the surplus of swingmen who have only scoring ability. Also: how fucking dumb do the idiots chanting Naismith at him earlier this year feel?
  • The Mullins should have a dunkins. This is random, but obvious.
  • I like the idea of UMass making one of the really shitty basketball tourneys this year. Worst. Bus trip. Ever. (although I would love to see the 4 fanatical basketball fans on campus complain about the lack of excitement on campus about such an event with “I guess students would rather be drunk then see their school’s team play Tennessee-Martin” tweets)
  • Freddie’s last game at the Bill? We can only hope
  • I hope the T shirts tonight are just old hockey ones. Or maroon platoon shirts with “A10 FIRST ROUND” poorly printed on the back
  • LAX lost before any of us could mention that we finally have a good team on campus. Ah, well, that was a fun idea. Is it next september yet?

See you tonight at the Bill




  1. Ty

    We used to have a Dunks a five or so years ago in the practice rink. They left and moved to University Dr. by Big Y. Now the practice rink serves Starbucks.

  2. blindspots88

    None of these things get me a large iced coffee in my seat at the mullins center. I sneaked in tacos last year, but I don’t think a large iced is going to happen…

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