This Week in “Shut up, Meg”: Chip Shot

Uhh, no, this isn’t the long-awaited student article. Patience, Iago, patience. Today’s wrath is directed at one Chip Ainsworth of something called the Recorder, which is apparently some sort of town newsletter in something called a Greenfield. I’ve never heard of him, frankly, because, uhhh, Greenfield? Really? Wikipedia lists it as: “a six-day (Monday through Saturday) morning daily newspaper published in Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA, covering all of Franklin County, Massachusetts; Hinsdale, New Hampshire; and Brattleboro, Guilford and Vernon, Vermont.” So, in other words, a newspaper covering a region in which nothing happens.

That’s really the only excuse for an article like the one Ainsworth published, which spews all kinds of ridiculous venom about how much Don Cahoon sucks, yadda yadda yadda, McCutcheon. I won’t even begin to try to match Mark’s brilliant response article, just go read it now even though you most likely already have. Anyway, the same line that caught his ire also got our attention:

Meanwhile the hockey team’s only dedicated blog — “Fear the Triangle” — should more aptly be called “Fear the Truth.”


Needless to say, you are not in our good graces, Chipper. I might even say you’re hovering dangerously close to the level of Lowell/Jack Parker/that one dumb bitch who went to Michigan over UMass and bragged about it in the Globe. Anyway, this wasn’t going anywhere particularly deep, I was mostly just looking for an opportunity to paraphrase Aziz Ansari: FUCK YOU CHIP, WE DO EXIST!

That is all.


P.S. Oh, and Fight Mass and friends will be making an appearance rooting for the UMass hockey alumni of the Worcester Sharks this weekend. If nothing else, we get to rag on Carter Hutton some more. The game is Saturday night and we welcome anyone in the area to attend as well if you’re sad about lacrosse’s disappointing return to earth, the Bruins’ mediocrity and Boston College’s impending third national title in four years. Good, harmless fun!

P.P.S. No shit, really? Some other site has done a column called “This Week in Disrespect” before? We’ve only been poking fun at that for like a year and a half now. But I thought of a more fitting title this morning anyway. I think we’ll make this a regular feature, in fact.


  1. Ty

    Oh the Greenfield Distorter… No one actually reads that garbage unless you live in Greenfield. They have about the same views of Franklin county as any Boston paper has of Mass. If it doesn’t happen in Greenfield, its a waste of everyones time.

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