Our family crest includes the phrase ‘no senior year’

Well, it was bound to happen at some point. After a 2 week span where some of the Hockey East’s best left school early, Da Costa, Nyquist, Hayes and Atkinson being the most notable, there was thankfully no early departures out of Amherst. Well, it seems we spoke a bit too soon. Per the Greenfield Recorder, Mike Marcou is leaving school early and has signed a 2 year entry contract with the New York Islanders. Garth Snow said he will use Mike mostly in an enforcer role, although his brother James told me, from a darkened room with the blinds closed, that he wouldn’t be surprised if he was used as a puck moving defenseman.

To be completely honest, I’m speechless. We always knew Mikey had his eyes on the door since Casey left, as their rivalry is well documented, but to have this come after a year where he showed, in the words of our own hockey expert Derek Walsh, ‘Kublin-esque play in the defensive zone‘ is a major blow. The contract is for exactly $1 more than Casey’s was. For the life of me, I can’t think where the -18 is going to come from. At this point, I’m reevaluating following this team next year. I can’t deal with another year like last year, especially when I’m actually paying for tickets. 6 wins last year. Next year? Lower. Mark my words, this team will crumble without the unreal defensive leadership of Mikey. Eh, fuck it. It was a good run. I would say we can go see him play for the soundtigers next year, but lets be honest, that kind of raw talent doesn’t get sent down.

In housekeeping news, please give a hello to our new contributor Chip Ainsworth. His first post which we are editing now, “WHEN WILL RUSS YARWORTH STOP HOLDING THIS PROGRAM BACK!?!?!?!?!?!?1” should be up by next week.

Enjoy losing to Lowell next year assholes,


FWD: Mike Marcou. This


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