Matt’s half assed pregame notes slash inane babbling: Northeastern Edition

Boyle V Rawlings.

If that doesn’t make you nervous as a UMass fan, nothing will. I, like others, have high hopes for this team. Not to win hockey east outright, unlike the 32.28% of people trolling Professor Triangle’s poll, but rather to make the playoffs easily and contend for a garden trip. This first game against Northeastern was suposed to be the strong start. Northeastern is weakened by a myriad of issues: Graduation, susoension, getting the fuck out of nothereastern and the sweet sweet smell of Toronto air. However, if there is one thing that will keep you in a hockey game, its goaltending and golly gee Chris Rawlings strikes fear in my soul. He’s beatable. but he isn’t Rob Madore/Every Lowell goaltender ever beatable, he’s going to make you work for anything.

And on the other side of the ice we have Kevin “you’ve got a taillight out” Boyle, a netminder playing his first college game due to Jeff Teglia apparently being sick (do I swell a mono 3 peat?). This isn’t the worst thing in the world, frankly we were not going to get the edge in net no matter what goalie we throw out there, and I really liked what I saw from Soulja Boyle in the exibition game. I’m just anxious about throwing him to the wolves on the road in his first game. It could be great for him, and give him confidence from night one. Or, it could absolutely destroy him making his first night the only time he ever felt loved, making him the Matt Saracen to the Teglia/Mastalerz of puppets JD McCoy (THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU). Either way, I’m uneasy.

Either way, it will be good to see this team play an actual game with actual power plays (actually, probably not), see the beautiful Matthews Arena and disown my girlfriend for hanging out in the Northeastern student section (I DONT CARE IF THEY’RE YOUR FRIENDS YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS ON GAMEDAY). Here’s to a good pregame (lol train drinking) and a hopefully positive start to the UMass hockey season.

Just remember, Success isn’t a goal, its a byproduct. And Northeasten girls are husky.


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