This week in ‘Shut Up Meg’: Scoops Mazurek

Ah, its good to be back. Well, its no hiding that Fight Mass has had some problems with the tone of our very own student section. The partial mission of this blog is to return our fine Mullins Maniacs to the knowledgeable, dedicated band of misfits they were several years ago. While that mission is ongoing, the simple fact of the matter is I would put our best fans against any fans in the nation. The group that I have become close to, lets call them the ghosts of the Mullins Militia, are knowledgeable, loud and proud in the face of adversity, and loyal. Another thing they are, is respectful.

Lets bring in the central villain in this post, a BU senior writing for the school newspaper named Teddy Mazurek (Herein referred to as Scoops Mazurek). Well, Scoops is doing the very noble deed of introducing freshmen to some BU traditions (something we here at Fight Mass plan on doing later in the week), or, as anyone who has watched a college hockey game would tell you, bland, common-fucking-sense. Seriously though, maybe its not surprising coming from a cheering section with an identical name as a student section down the street, but some of the tips included in the article are idiotic. Really? Standing up? THANK YOU MR MAZUREK I WOULD HAVE NEVER FIGURED THAT OUT WITHOUT YOUR HELP. Oh, and the uniquely BU action of yelling sucks at the opposing team’s starting lineup, that sounds familiar. Wait, I’m pretty sure there is another Hockey East team that participates in this (ok, all of them but lets not split hairs here). Yup, that would be your University Of Massachusetts. Well, Scoops, unprovoked might I add, has some choice words about UMass:

“But above all else, the biggest thing that bothered me during Saturday’s game was the “F— New Hampshire” chant. Agganis security is not shy to kick any fan out of a game for saying something they deem to be unsuitable for a sporting event, so do not tempt them.

The Dog Pound does not promote chants containing expletives and we will not associate with anyone who begins those chants. We are not like the University of Massachusetts fans who curse non-stop to make an intimidating environment; rather it was our creativity that made us the best student section in all of college hockey according to CBS College Sports in 2005.

In conclusion, stand, don’t curse, and if unsure what to do, follow what those chanting are doing.

Stay classy, not UMassy.”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha, what a clever pun. Guess that’s the kind of wit $50,000 can buy.

Well, I’ll be fair, I’m none too happy about our own students sinking to the level of “fuck [insert school]” so I can sympathize, but Scoops is clearly living in the past, with this more than half a decade old meaningless title (Davis square, the hippest place to live in America 1988!). Having traveled to nearly all Hockey East rinks, I can guarantee you that UMass students are nowhere close to the worst. Yes, a certain segment exists that yells obscenities but then again, so does yours. This blog, along with the loyal aforementioned UMass students, have traveled to many a Hockey East rink to cheer on our beloved Minutemen and, this is the truth, we have never sworn. Yes, we are respectful to the young ears and we keep it clean. [Editor’s note: This, like most common courtesies, does not apply to Lowell. – MB] This does not mean that we are not annoying and loud but we always modify our cheers to G-rated level. This being said, we have been threatened many a time by opposing students and fans. Hell, last week a student from a certain dog house stole Max’s jersey. In Vermont, police camped out next to us and told us it was to protect us from their students’ behavior (and then we watched a number of UVM kids get kicked out for swearing). This is not to complain, but more to point out that the legend that UMass is a pack of animals and every other Hockey East school is a five star steakhouse is patently wrong.

Yes, the Mullins is an intimidating place but that’s kinda the job of the fans I’m not going to apologize for The Bill being a great home ice advantage. Its not our fault BU sold its soul to get family 4 packs on NESN instead of making a college hockey atmosphere. Maybe if you guys could make an intimidating atmosphere you wouldn’t need your senile ass of a coach working the refs so hard. Do I have to remind you that it was BU fans that invented “Fuck em up fuck em up”?

Scoops, you have a hell of a team but you’re fooling yourself if you think your fans mean anything. With the talent on your team, they could play in front of a neutral crowd every night and win, and for the most part they do.

And if you are unable to comprehend your idiocy with logic, I’ll sum it up with some profanity. Hey Scoops, go shit in your hat.



  1. bittym87

    I still think “CBS said we had the best fans six years ago!!!1” was my favorite part of the article. Really now. Did they mail you guys medals?

    But yeah, the “fuck _____” is a plague that has nothing at all to do with UMass. I can vouch for that after attending the post-Stanley Cup game 7 festivities in downtown Boston. It wasn’t “let’s go Bruins” that came out of those (mostly Boston-area) kids’ mouths immediately after the game ended. It was “fuck Vancouver.”

    As a former BU fan (when I was in high school/before I knew better), I remember part of the deal with Agganis Arena was that they had to agree to tone down the swearing from the student section because part of getting a new building was appealing to a more family-friendly atmosphere. My first college hockey game ever was Northeastern vs. BU at Walter Brown. It was anything but G-rated.

    It’s possible to be both crass AND clever…that’s what UMass fans were back when I was a freshman (I know you BU fans either refuse to visit, or can’t hear us over your own choreography when you do, but feel free to roll with the stereotype the Globe keeps feeding you) and it’s what I hope we can get back to. I hate to agree with Fred Durst’s hipster twin, but he has sort of a point…it’s just that, as is par for the course, he can’t stand the thought that crassness isn’t confined to “that part of the state that isn’t Boston.”

  2. heavydrexler

    I’m just going to point out that BU fans found it witty to have a goal song that was “Fuck ’em up, fuck ’em up, BC sucks!” repeated several times.

      • BayState RoadSports (@bsrs_blog)

        That is about as an intelligent of a response as I would have expected from you. What do you have to say about how your crowd leaves by the end of the second period of every home game if you aren’t winning and sometimes even when the game is still in reach? I was at Mullins for the BU game in October which we won 4-3. If you looked at the student section at the end of the game, it was 90% empty but yeah your fans are great and very dedicated.

        • blindspots88

          I will admit my non intelligent response was such because I didn’t have a response, It was a fuck up on my part.

          But you can bet your ass I’ll respond to that. Fact: UMass has the largest student section in all of Hockey east. There are 3,000+ students there nearly every game, and I can attest that the BU game was a sellout. Did some kids leave early? I don’t doubt it, its bound to happen to some degree, especially it being a T shirt game. However, you 90% assessment is laughable and shows how large your love of hyperbole is. Early walkouts at the Mullins is overstated. Also, if you read the article you would understand this, I’m putting our best fans vs your best fans. Of course you are going to be able to point out anecdotes about the apathetic apples, but I’m sure I’d be able to go to any BU game and find some kid acting like an ass, there just to be seen. Also, the Mullins center is free for students. There is no filtration process to keep the apathetic out. So yes, there are going to be some people there that don’t care and leave early, but lets not pretend that those are the true fans.

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