Shit Sandwich. Or, the beginning of the end of the DK era

Hey guys, hey. I hate to over-post but I feel as though this merits its own post. Per Matty V at the Gazette, UMass basketball super freshman and potential DK saver Jordan Laguerre is done for this year because of academics. Frankly, folks, this may be the final omen of the crumbling Kellog era. Already hampered with losses and a continually underperforming team, I could see DK gone by the end of this year.

We, as a blog (ok, the 2/3rds of us who give a shit on this blog) has high optimistic expectations for this team, especially given their A10 preseason ranking of 12. (!!!!!) Yes, in a conference in the number “ten” in its title, we were slotted to be 12th. Golly gee we didn’t see that coming 2 years ago. Laguerre was supposed to come in and provide a spark that this team has lacked for a while now. A pure scorer with surprisingly good passing skills and an all-around game, Laguerre was the supposed savior of this sinking ship but with him now done-zo for the year, it will be hard to replace the scoring left my Big City Anthony Gurley.

All is not bleak however. While I certainly don’t see this team shocking the conference, I could see them contending for home court in the A10 playoffs. Raphiael “Big D(ara)” Putney is going to be one of the best players in the conference someday (and that someday might be later this year for all we know, but mark my words he is the truth). I still have glimmers of hope that Sampson Carter will fulfill him promise along with TV, who could absolutely get over his Sophomore slump  and be a dominant player. Maybe the inclusion of a real point guard will be a much bigger deal than originally thought. Maybe Jesse Morgan will be only the good parts of Freddie “Freddie’s mannequin” Riley and only good things will come from their collective Twitter accounts.

Or maybe not. And it would be year 4 of the ‘hair gel and nice suit by no wins’ era. Either way, thank god we have hockey.


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