Matt’s half assed pregame notes slash inane babbling: Home Opener Edition

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand welcome back Minutefans. We are around 3 hours from puck drop of the first home game of the 2011-2012 UMass hockey season and god damn it feels good. If you haven’t already, Walsh’s game preview is a must read for specifics on this matchup, and while you are devouring good information you might as well read Triangle’s pregame as well.

This is a big weekend for UMass. Last weekend showed up that this team does have the talent to take games, but clearly there is going to be a struggle closing them out all year. The next two days will be important in setting the tone for the rest of the year. Northeastern was both a surprise and a disappointment, but winning out both games this weekend, vehemently winnable games might I add, will let our beloved minutemen head out to a string of tough games with some degree of confidence, hopefully enough to perhaps steal a game or two.

Boyle is getting the start, as far as I know. “O’BOYLE RULES!” seems to be the frontrunner of things yelled after big saves, but lets see where this goes.

It all starts tonight. Bentley is a cupcake. They will fight but if this team plays their game a win should be a gimme. But if watching this team for a few years has taught is anything, gimmes are the hardest games. We can’t see a repeat of the early home game against Army, where a young Minuteman team was absolutely manhandled in a way i neither want to ask nor tell about. Tonight is where a matured team needs to set the tone. Lets hope our outlook on the season isn’t radically changed by tomorrow

To all the Mullins Virgins out there, Scoops Bitter’s into to UMass fandom is a must read so you don’t look like an ignorant drunk asshole, instead of the preferred drunk asshole.

Also, we have just received word that Matty G will be saying de nada after the 1 minute thank you tonight, per my suggestion. It is imperative  that you and your friends yell “Gracias” instead of Thank you. I am of the opinion that this is awesome, but even if you think it sucks do it anyways so I can be happy, okay?

See you all at the Bill, lets rally around the flag kids


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