Matt’s Pregame notes slash inane babbling Week 3: Escape From Daddy’s Charge

So, game is in 90 minutes, lets make this quick

  • Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I was lazy, Max is moving in to a new place and Walsh writes a preview and postgame analysis and how dare you expect more
  • Teglia please. If I walk in to Conte and see anyone but Tegs I’m going to immediately walk out and demand a refund.
  • This BC team is good, but why am I more optimistic tonight than I have for any other game I’ve seen vs BC? UMass should lose tonight, and probably will, but I absolutely think this team could shock BC, something I didn’t think last year /cut to UMass losing 23-1
  • Kind of a sleepy week for UMass. All eyes on football (for good reason, tomorrow will be fun) and with Hockey playing a team that is clearly better, everyone has eyes on next week against BU. Hopefully BC will be overlooking us as well.
  • RIP Eddie Olczyk =(
  • Olczyk isn’t a valid words with friends word. Make note.
  • Here’s to Oleg making him way into the crowd
BC Sucks. See you on the other side

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