Meditations in an emergency

Ug, is this becoming a thing now?

For the second straight game of a young, infinitely promising, season, our boys in Maroon came out looking like the clearly better team, let the other team back in the game durring the middle 20 minutes, and then closed the game out in a fashion that reminded everybody why we were so hopeful in the first place.

Say what you will about the team playing down to to its opponents  There are certainly a wealth of things to improve with this team. However, it sure as hell feels good to root for a team that can close a game out. Yes, there are large stretches of the last 2 games where, if they were playing an elite team, would likely bury the minutemen, but what the last 2 ugly games prove is that these guys have heart. Its good to know, after only 2 games, that this team can and will close out games. They have that 5th gear that every shitty sportswriter has talked about for the last 40 years. Clusterfucks, like the URI road loss, herein referred as the ‘taco travesty, that prompted me to yell into a voice memo and call it a fight cast slash maybebreakaseastattheryancenter doesn’t look like it will happen with this team. They can close out games against worse teams. 

Yes, the 2 wins we have in hand aren’t the dominating efforts that alot of UMass nation was looking for, but at the end of the day, a wins a win. I’m 90% confident that most of the glaring issues the minutemen have displayed will we fixed by the time we hit the conference slate. Chaz has showed flashes, and if the trend continues into game 3, he will be back at full effect by the time he steps on continental US soil. Theres a 10 day break between Sunday’s game and they next game, a should-win against Siena on the road. As for the next two games, you have to dance with who you came to the dance with. UMass has proved it will keep the game closer than it should be against weaker opponents, lets hope the same is true for the inverse. I never thought I would say this, but lets hope this team can summon the Toot notebook and play up to a better opponent, and lets just see what happens.

I don’t think its likely UMass will beat NC State, after these first 2 games. Then-again, If UMass squeaks a win out, I wouldn’t bat an eye. Alot of UMass fans are putting more eggs in the ‘beat NC state’ basket than I think is reasonable. Its still a young season. Yes, it would be fucking ballin’ to make a national splash and beat NC state, but I’m not entirely sure a loss will tell us very much.

Here’s to it being close, because lord knows we are kinda good at that so far.

The ‘Prop Joe coaches Providence’ memorial bullet points

  •  Good to see Tyler Bergantino get into the game, but golly did he look lost. If you go back and iso watch his, he was just kind of wandering and not playing a confident game. Totally reactionary on the floor, with makes him a liability on both ends. There was one break where Chaz threw the lob, and had it been Putney or pretty much any forward it would have been an easy alley opp. Bergantino takes it as a pass and is immediately swarmed. I want him to get minutes, but to be frank I’d rather not see him again until Siena. That being said, having Tyler be in the flow of the offense by the end of the year needs to be a priority.
  • Pretty much the last sentence, but applied to Trey Davis and multiplied by infinity. Chaz only played 32 last night, and having Trey be able to come in for those 8 and keep momentum is going to be the key for the team. Trey looked good, but experience will be key. I’d love to see him come in for more stretches in the 1st half, rather than just have Chaz play until he gets tired.
  • Jesse has taken the greatest step of anyone I’ve seen so far, bar none. Jesse is fearless, and as far as I’m concerned is the number one reason UMass is 2-0 and not 0-2. Jesse’s nickname needs to be one of those old school ones you can choose in create a player, like The iceman or something. Dude’s a dagger, y’all
  • First Sampson, then Terrell. The game winner tonight is going to by Putney or Freddie. Its pretty much guaranteed at this point.

Oh yeah and UMass hockey needs to beat Maine show us you have a pulse guys, its important.

See you guys on the internet


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  1. Chief Heath 3 hunna 6 star aka (josh heathman) as mattayo cievello would know me buy

    Umass sports ex specially hockey if anyone knows that subject it’s Matt cievello

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