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The first time I met Lauren, she was waiting on me and my girlfriend at a Fisher Cats game. There were apps I didn’t order that came to my table and I thought they were an under the table gift so I ate them. I later learned, via dirty looks, that those apps were ordered by the table next to us and those delicious apps were, in fact, earmarked for that said table. I guess the point of the story is morality is objective and we are all ultimately alone on this rock that is hurling through space.

But anyways, the writer of the next article is super talented and cool and If this was high school she would have never talked to me. Also: she knows a literal fuckton about hockey and college hockey. But I’ll let her introduce herself I guess. So, without further ado, the first of (hopefully) many articles by new contributor Lauren.

The Article Lauren Sent To Me To Publish 

Before I start blabbing on and on about my thoughts on UMass hockey and hockey in general, I should introduce myself. Hi, my name is Lauren Rose. To say I haven’t lived a normal college life isn’t a stretch. From October to March, you can find me in the press box viciously typing away at a laptop, assisting on-ice officials with instant replay system or acting like I know what I’m doing behind the video camera. Anyone who says they don’t believe in superstitions and is around sports is a liar. Seriously, it just doesn’t work like that. I have a pregame routine, just like a player, I take the same route on the Mullins Center’s stairs up to the press box and I sit on the left side of the bus three rows back to away games. I plan my outfits ahead of game days because I have an unruly knack for wearing the colors of the opposing team that night (sorry guys, this part was for our lady-readers). I’m used to hearing the chirps coming from away teams while I walk through the runway downstairs past the locker rooms, but I feed off of this stuff. If you know my name, I’m doing my job. I love people telling me no, doubting me until I prove them wrong. This season will be my last one with Minutemen hockey, as I will be graduating in May. I will be open about my push to continue a career in hockey and hope I can make some laughs and friends along the way. I’m a loose cannon. My thoughts are jumbled and sometimes I tend to bounce around from topic to topic, so just hang in there with me. I say things that people don’t always agree with, but that is what makes blogs great. You have the right to say what you want, just like you have the right to cheer for your team.

That all being said, I know people are confused about this past off-season. I have no inside news on this, as many people think I do. I am just as confused as all of you fans, but it is our duty to put the trust in Coach Mick and our inherited Vermont coaching staff. Everyone has to buy in to what we have now, who we lost, those we have coming in and that it will work out for the best. There will be a large senior class graduating in 2014, including myself, and I promise to give 110% of myself to make it easier for the team to win come game night.

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