This Is Happening

Oh hey guys, fancy seeing you here. Welcome to Fight Mass three point oh. the blog inspired by the the Twitter inspired by the blog we used to write. Do you remember the blog we used to write? It’s ok, neither does anyone else. We stopped writing it because it wasn’t fun to report things we saw and be serious when you going against noted father figure Papa Triangle. No, it was much funner angering the masses on Twitter. So we did that for a while (and we will continue to do that btw) but now, in uncertain times, with a head blogger with a cute baby that doesn’t blog and an AD that is murdering the program we think and a new coach that cut the goalie that I liked a lot, its time for the good ole boys of Fight Mass dot com to resurface and party and stuff. But it won’t be like last time. Yeah, we plan on flexing our limited hockey knowledge, waxing poetic about the multitude of games we’ll be attending, and reporting recruiting news and stuff, but honestly we plan on making this space as random as the Twitter is. Expect more Fightcasts, absurdism and things that make us laugh. Fight Mass is dead, but Fight Mass dot com two point zero is here and is the appendix of what @fightmass is.

Oh, and now, more than ever, we’d love to have you write for us. New friend and important hockey protege Lauren Rose is writing for us (and will quickly put us to shame IMO) and I’m sure some ass from Bay State Road Activities will write something. Oh and Fear The Triangle is writing for us. And Toot. And Marcus Camby. You’ve heard it here first.

hold steady reference, hold steady reference, barfuck, trading lead



Oh hi, I’m also still here, and I endorse this post.




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