The one where I compare our new recruits to pizzacat

On the twitter dot com we are all so fond of, there is an account which reaches a level of brilliance seldom reached by mere mortals. A twitter that so brilliantly and seamlessly comments on our very nature as Americans in a precise and elegant way. That account, is Pizzacat.


Why do I bring this up? Well, it will come to no surprise to the TRUE FANS OF UMASS HOCKEY but coach Mick, in a brilliant act of gamesmanship, has created the Pizzacat line.

First! A commitment from noted bankrupt/beautiful state Michigan’s Alex DeBrincat. Other than being the obvious choice for the name of the first Fight Mass cat (sorry Mike Purrrrreria and catty G), Debrincat seems to be pretty good at hockey. He was taken in the second round of the USHL draft by Omaha, which is much better than some Toot recruits who were undrafted in several kickball games. Alex isn’t coming until 2016, enough time to reconsider or be murdered in Detroit, but like I think I said about Jake Wahlin, its a good sign that Mick is getting these types of recruits to commit. Underlines the comments he made during his intro presser about putting Amherst on the map.

Second! UMass picked up a HURRAY HE HAS NO TIME TO DECOMMIT commitment from former Denver commit Ray Pigozzi. Outside of having a name straight out of a really lazy Law & Order episode involving the mob, Ray spends his time being an American hero, winning the bronze with team USA and being an all around good guy. Listen, I have said time and time again that I know nothing about college hockey prospects, but what I do know is that Denver is a program good enough to make BU fanboys cry (although thats seemingly not that hard). I’d like to think this is a pretty solid pickup, and thankfully we will get to see sooner rather than later. There will be many longer posts explaining it, but golly I’m bullish on next year’s team.

Its obvious Mick is both a great recruiter and fan of absurdist Twitter. Its obvious that PIgoZZi and DebrinCAT will skate on the same line and bring glory to the UMass motherland. Yes, I know they are coming 3 years apart and no I didn’t check if they played the same wing but fuck it the concept got me to write a post TAKE THAT TRIANGLE.

Happy weekend,


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