Portsmouth Seemed Tired Last Night


Golly gee gang, whatever you did tonight pales in comparison to what I did, which is see the most bestest band in the world, the Hold Steady, play with other good bands at a mediocre brewery. Yes, the Hold Steady played a ‘might as well be secret’ show at the Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth that was less publicized than Bengazi (waka waka). The Hold Steady we’re amazing as usual. Set highlights? The fact they played “Most People are DJs” and “How a Resurrection Really Feels,” two songs I’ve not seen performed live before tonight. In addition, the 2 new songs, neither of which were Teeth Dreams®, were really fucking good, and makes me more excited for the new album. Downsides? No “Slapped Actress” and no “Stevie Nix,” but hey fuck it, it was a show that we were in the front row for. Plus, I tweeted at Craig Finn when he was creeping during the Jeff the Brotherhood set and he totally saw it. Craig Finn has twitter push notifications. What a swell guy.

Well talk about this more later or maybe not idk it’s the weekend


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