What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

Hey guys, it’s Max. What’s I miss?

I figured I’d offer my two cents on what is a rebirth for our fine blog. We hinted at this a bit last year before mysteriously disappearing much to the dismay of nobody a handful of BU bloggers, and now we’re doing it in earnest. Simply put, Fight Mass 1.0 never lived up to what I wanted it to be, a snarky but still informative alternative to Fear the Triangle with a bit of Ice is Life snark and the crowdsourcing of the loyal UMass student fanbase. Obviously, none of my lofty expectations for the blog were ever achieved, and so we kind of half-assedly proceeded with disseminating hockey games, taking pot-shots at first our own teams and then at others, and just generally trying to be too much to not enough people. This was easier to do when our beloved Minutemen teams were sort of competing for things. But last year, with the hockey team hopelessly resigned at midseason to “this is a transition year” mode, and the basketball team subtly underachieving until it was too late, it was less fun. I’m not saying we gave up when we felt the teams did, but…that.

So, as you might imagine, we focused on the one thing that we were still doing that we still did find fun: the Twitter. As the blog ground to a halt, the Twitter marched on, in a format that we found to be most enjoyable for quick one-offs, trolling-on-demand (Matt is very good at this), and engaging others on the college hockey (and occasionally other-sport) Twitterscapes. Also, the dynamic of sharing one Twitter account between two drastically different people (I mean, Matt likes LeBron for fuck’s sake) lends itself much better to that format. We found our schtick, and we slowly accumulated followers.

But times, they are a-changing. Matt and I moved in together in January and have all of the necessary tools (read: a really nice new Mac) to get back into the blogging game. There is suddenly an opening in the “big UMass hockey blog” field now that Papa Triangle is a real Papa and has hung up his blogging skates. We have people who actually find us funny (I know, right?) who might actually make a blogging endeavor worth our time. And now that we’ve grown comfortable with the scary idea of Fight Mass *gasp* covering things that aren’t UMass-related, like other Boston sports or who’s going to win MasterChef, we have things to write about during those times where there’s no UMass games to write about.

So welcome to the new Fight Mass 2.0. Can we promise we’ll be as in-depth as Fear the Triangle? Hell no. None of us has the same level of insider info that Mark so generously devoted the last several years of his life to scrounging about for. Hell, without Walsh, I can’t even say our game previews will be as good as his were, or even exist. You want X’s and O’s? Read the postgame writeups by the people who are paid to write about it. (We do think Lauren is a valuable asset to the blog, though, and we’re ecstatic to have her aboard.) We’re just here to have fun. We say this a lot, but I promise, we’re more motivated than ever to give you guys steady new content and new and original ways to have fun with being a UMass fan. We hope you enjoy this season as much as we think we all will.



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