Primary Staff

Max (bittym87): class of 2010 – founder and head writer. Fitness buff, destroyer of pizza boxes, staff sex appeal. Craft beer snob aficionado. Please don’t steal his jersey on St. Botolph Street.

Matt (blindspots): class of 2011 – social media consultant and co-writer. Argued with Fred Toucher about the merits of Nyjer Morgan. Also a beer snob. Lovable curmudgeon. Owner of the VW GTI with NH vanity plate “GOUMASS,” aka the FightMobile.


Lauren (laurenmackrose): class of 2014 – feisty newcomer, knower of actual hockey things.

Former Staff

Derek (heavydrexler): class of 2011 – still a good friend of Fight Mass. The original beer snob of the group. Wrote about hockey back when we were masquerading as a serious hockey blog. Occasionally hijacks @fightmass.


typing words is for prudes

typing words is for prudes


  1. mike dube

    Great blog!! Well written and content is great.. I am hoping you can help me w/ something. Similar to your passion for Umass pucks I have the same fire for the hoops team and I have been trying to join the blog Umasshoops.com.. well, after 37 tries I can not get on, nor can I eamil the site Adminstrator (Mike). I see someone joined the blog back in March under the username blindpots and was wondering if they could share mikes email with me or even forward mine on as someone who would like to join the blog..

    I apologize for reaching out this way but the resourcefulness in me came out…
    thank you in advance!!

    GO UMass!

  2. Loren

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